Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling

Our Reproductive Counseling Services value your inner wisdom and personal choice. We offer evidenced-based information and care in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling

Confidential pregnancy testing is available during regular clinic hours. Our trained counselors are available to speak to you about all of the options for your pregnancy – whether you choose to continue your pregnancy through parenting, fostering, or adoption; or you choose to terminate your pregnancy. We trust you to make the decision that is best for you and will provide you with complete and accurate information and referrals.

We recommend visiting pregnancyoptions.info for information.

On Site Services:

Pregnancy Testing – In house urine pregnancy testing available, results given to you confidentially by a medical provider.

Pregnancy Options Counseling – if you need a recommendation for a local obstetrician, or would like information on how to get pregnant, we can help.

Ultrasound Dating – If you are pregnant, and are unsure of how far along you are (If you don’t know the date of your last period, for example) we can perform an ultrasound for pregnancy dating. 

Pregnancy Calculator

Enter The First Day Of Your Last Period To See Your Options​

Please use this calculator before selecting your options from the appointment form below. Note: Seeing a trained medical professional is the only way to accurately determine the length of your pregnancy and what options are available.

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