Pregnancy Testing and Related Services

Our pregnancy related services value and respect your right to make choices about your body. We offer evidenced-based care and unbiased information about abortion and pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is available during regular clinic hours by appointment. It is important to note that at-home pregnancy tests, like the ones you can purchase at the drug store, are a great place to start if you think you may be pregnant. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

If you are looking for support or resources that may help you choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy, we recommend visiting for information. This website provides a pdf workbook with prompts that may help you think about how you feel regarding pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and abortion.

On Site Services:

Pregnancy Testing – In house urine pregnancy testing is available by appointment.

Prenatal Care Referral – If you are pregnant and would like to continue your pregnancy but need a referral to a practice that provides prenatal care, we can provide you with some local resources. There are facilities that provide prenatal care to folks who may not have health insurance.

Ultrasound Dating – Pregnancy gestation is typically estimated using the first day of your last menstrual period, or the day when your most recent period began. If you are very unsure about the date of your last period, or if your periods are very irregular, you can discuss this with staff when you call, and we will help you to make a plan. An ultrasound is included in our abortion care process and it is not required to have an ultrasound before scheduling abortion care at Lovering. Please note that if you know you are planning to continue your pregnancy and would like a dating ultrasound, it is our recommendation to establish with a prenatal care provider, who will communicate with you about having an ultrasound when recommended.

Pregnancy Calculator

Enter the first day of your most recent period to determine your estimated pregnancy gestation.

Note: seeing a trained medical professional is the only way to be completely certain about the length of your pregnancy, but you are not required to have an ultrasound before scheduling abortion care.

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