Birth Control

Our trained birth control educators are available for individual counseling about your options for contraception. In our education, we are committed to a non-biased approach to your birth control choices. Once you decide which option is right for you, our clinical staff can prescribe or administer the method of your choice.

Available Birth Control Methods at The Lovering Health Center:

  • Hormonal Implant (Nexplanon)
  • Hormonal IUD (Liletta, Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla)
  • Non-hormonal Copper IUD (Paragard)
  • Progestin Shot (Depo-provera)
  • Combined Birth Control Pill
  • Progestin-only Pill
  • Hormonal Ring (Nuvaring)
  • Hormonal Patch
  • Diaphragm (Caya)
  • External Condom
  • Internal Condom (do not have in stock but can assist with ordering)
  • Fertility Awareness/Cycle Tracking Education

Birth Control Method Education

Choose a provider who will

Honor, respect, and advocate...

for the right of everyone to maintain freedom and choices regarding their own sexual and reproductive health.

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