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Reproductive Health Counseling Services

Reproductive Health Counseling Services Nashua New Hampshire

Including Contraception Education and Methods

Our Reproductive Counseling Services value your inner wisdom and personal choice. We offer evidenced-based information and care in Nashua New Hampshire.

Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling

Confidential pregnancy testing is available during regular clinic hours. Our trained counselors are available to speak to you about all of the options for your pregnancy - whether you choose to continue your pregnancy through parenting, fostering, or adoption; or you choose to terminate your pregnancy. We trust you to make the decision that is best for you and will provide you with complete and accurate information and referrals.

We recommend visiting https://www.pregnancyoptions.info for information

Contraceptive Options Counseling

Our trained counselors are available for individual counseling about your options for contraception. The pros and cons of a variety of contraceptive methods – and which methods would best meet the individual needs and comfort of each client – are discussed – our Nurse Practitioners can prescribe or administer the method of your choice.