STD Clinic

The Joan G Lovering Health Center holds weekly Walk In Clinics on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

A counseling room
Confidential testing for antibodies to the HIV virus is done at our weekly walk-in clinics, or by appointment. The testing, for both women and men, includes individual counseling with a male or female counselor.

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics for males and females

Walk-in clinics for men and women are scheduled weekly, or appointments can be made by phone. Diagnosis, treatment and individual counseling are provided in a safe and confidential environment. Appointments can be made by calling (603) 436-7588.

We offer two types of HIV tests:

  • Rapid, oral test that produces a result on-site in 20 minutes
  • Standard blood test. Results are available within two weeks and are given in person at the Health Center.

We do not give out HIV results over the phone.

STD results may be given over the telephone.

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