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Volunteers are always welcome and needed. While we do not yet have a volunteer program, we have opportunities from time to time for being on the board,* helping with events and specific tasks that arise, such as gardening, painting, etc. If you are interested, and would like to volunteer, please contact us during normal business hours*. Please click here for contact information.

*Volunteers must go through a thorough screening process.

Volunteers from North Berwick Academy after spending a long hot day landscaping, planting and cleaning up brush they also added annuals and perennials to the sidewalk kindly donated by Site Structures

Sidewalk plantings

The new sidewalk required a lot of backbreaking work and took a full day to accomplish, and the Site Structures
crew should be well satisfied with their work as the new sidewalk looks wonderful and, incidentally, makes snow shoveling a lot easier and walking a lot safer and more even.

While all this work was going on outside the volunteers from The United Way’s “Day of Caring” painted much of the interior, an enormous task but made easier by the enthusiasm and attitude brought by the volunteers.

The paint, paint brushes and all the other tools were kindly donated by Sherman Williams of Dover

Interior Painting

Even with all of this work accomplished, there is still more to be done. With older buildings there is always something breaking and constant maintenance required for faucets leaking, paint peeling, windows sticking, and all the other things that need attention.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful volunteer, , who always comes to the rescue. Still, I have no doubt that Bruce wouldn’t mind having someone others on the list for help when needed.

Bruce, incidentally, as well as being an experienced and capable carpenter, is a very accomplished artist and has shown his art work (see above). More information about Bruce’s work can be found by emailing him here

All of our volunteers are valued and appreciated. Without their goodwill and the sharing of their talents, the health center would be lacking so much that we now have.

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